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HEXUS Week In Review: FI27Q-X, MP600 Pro and Aero 15 OLED

by Parm Mann on 12 February 2021, 16:01

Tags: AORUS, Corsair, Gigabyte (TPE:2376), SanDisk (NASDAQ:SNDK), G.SKILL, AOC

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Aorus FI27Q-X

Monitor tech continues to evolve at a rapid pace and the wide array of high-quality options is such that a new display ought to be ...

Corsair MP600 Pro SSD (2TB)

Mass adoption of a technology happens when heavyweight players all tip their hats into the ring. AMD has trailblazed the move to faster desktop storage ...

Gigabyte Aero 15 OLED (GeForce RTX 3080 Laptop)

Nvidia's introduction of mobile GPUs based on the latest-generation Ampere architecture can mean only one thing; a flood of laptops refreshed and updated with the ...

SanDisk Extreme PRO Portable SSD V2 (1TB)

Remember when it took forever to move files to USB sticks? The rise of faster routers, Gigabit Ethernet networking and speedy WiFi has taken the ...

In partnership with G.Skill, HEXUS is giving you the chance to win one of two high-performance DDR4 memory kits. Proving that there's no such thing ...

Competition closing date: 12 March 2021, 09:00

Roll-up, roll-up, it's competition time! The fabulous folk at AOC are giving HEXUS readers in the UK and Europe the chance to win a stunning ...

Competition closing date: 5 March 2021, 09:00

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