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Have you ever RMA'd a tech product?

by Parm Mann on 22 October 2021, 16:31

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Tech can be great when it works, but there's always a chance something will malfunction, and some manufacturers are better at resolving such issues than others.

We imagine a fair few HEXUS readers have undergone the RMA procedure, and if so, we want to hear about your experiences for better or for worse. Let us know which products you've had to return, and how you'd rate the experience from start to finish.

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I had a 3yo Seasomic PSU fail early this year, and were good about it. It took them two working days from receiving the failed unit to getting the e-mail saying they'd dispatched a replacement.

OCZ were similarly good back in the day, when my first SSD died after a few months.

I've had to return a few HDDs, but that was always dealt with by the retailer, and while they could be slow, they never really argued.

My worst experience with returning something was with Amazon, when they sent me the wrong case for my new build last year. First they tried to claim that it was what I had ordered, then they tried persuade me to keep the case even though it was unsuitable, then they said that they'd replace it, but it would take 3-4 months before they had stock, then they offered to take it back and refund me in Amazon vouchers. I told them that wasn't good enough, and that I wanted a cash refund so I could buy the correct case from another retailer, I suddenly found myself dealing with a more senior customer service person who had started trying to fob me off with vouchers again until I threatened to file a complaint with Trading Standards since they were still advertising the case I wanted as “in stock” while telling me that they couldn't deliver the one I'd already paid for. After that, all of a sudden they found that they had one in stock after all and it would be shipped to me immediately.

When it arrived three days later, I found from the consighment note inside the package that they had shipped in from Germant.
Have sent a few things back to Amazon but, have never had to go through an RMA process.
Yes, a GPU. It was a MSI GTX 780.

It burned on its own. I RMA'd it under warranty and after 2 months MSI sent it back to me completely scratched and bent on several parts. Even the shipping box was damaged but it was “repaired”.
So I told the e-shop where I bought it that I didn't want it because it was in a worst shape than when I sent it to them(they handled the RMA with MSI) and they offered me a brand new EVGA GTX 970 FTW as a replacement(in exchange for the RMA'd GTX 780 upon verification).

I took it and never bought any MSI product since.

Edit #1

I also RMA'd a Corsair K70 Rapidfire.
It had a known issue with RGB leds not displaying the good colors(a circuit problem if I recall correctly). A lot of people had this problem.
I went through the RMA process through their site pretty smoothly until they told me that they accepted it but I would have to pay for shipping my “broken” keyboard to them for them to send the new keyboard to me. (Other customers from different countries didn't have to, Corsair sent them a shipping label to print out but me, nah….from France, in EU!)
A relative convinced me to accept the offer after a week, so I did reluctantly.
Finally I went the route of custom keyboards and never bought any Corsair product since and don't plan to. Garbage company selling garbage products anyway. The keyboard is in its box somewhere.
A Gainward GTX7700 GPU (which landed up not working as well) and a Logitech mouse.
I had a be quiet! PSU that wasn't: it had coil whine. After I confirmed with be quiet! that it wasn't meant to sound like that, Scan swapped it for another one with no fuss.

It replaced a Corsair PSU that had started running the fan at full speed all the time, but Corsair wanted me to send it to the Netherlands (from the U.K.) before sending a replacement. I suppose I should have gone to the seller instead.

I couldn't return disk drives in work that had failed, because of the data on them, and of course you can't erase data on a drive that isn't working, so RMA'ing those was simply not possible.