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HEXUS Week In Review: graphics, SSDs and quiet gaming PCs

by Parm Mann on 10 October 2014, 16:00

Tags: Palit, SCAN, Plextor, MSI, Func Industries, Zalman (090120.KQ)

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MSI GeForce GTX 980 Gaming 4G

Nvidia's GeForce GTX 980 is the premier GPU for the 2014 holiday season, and it's no surprise to find that add-in-board partners are racing out ...

Plextor M6 Pro (256GB)

Most solid-state drives (SSDs) deliver good sequential read and write performance. Better SSDs use trickle-down technology from the enterprise space to offer more resilient performance ...

Scan 3XS Z97 Performance Q10

The introduction of Nvidia's high-end GeForce GTX 900-series graphics cards has given system integrators added incentive to launch gaming rigs ahead of the lucrative Christmas ...

Palit GeForce GTX 970 Jetstream

Now is a good time to purchase a decent graphics card. AMD is bringing more of its GCN 2.0 goodness to the mainstream market while ...

HEXUS, in partnership with Zalman, is giving you the chance to win a PC upgrade bundle brimming with high-end components! Up for grabs in this ...

Competition closing date: 6 November 2014, 00:00

HEXUS, in partnership with Func, is giving you the chance to win one of five PC gaming hardware bundles! Each kit includes a HS-260 headset, ...

Competition closing date: 10 November 2014, 00:00

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