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HEXUS Week In Review: Gaming Monitors from Aorus and MSI

by Parm Mann on 18 October 2019, 16:01

Tags: MSI, Corsair, AORUS, Inno3D

Quick Link: HEXUS.net/qaeevx

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It takes more than just a powerful graphics card to make the most of PC gaming. Those wanting to maximise the experience need to consider ...

Corsair Void Elite Wireless RGB

Evolution is the name of the game as far as Corsair's ever-expanding range of gaming headsets is concerned. The firm launched a quartet of Pro ...

Aorus CV27Q

We came away pleasantly surprised when Aorus made its foray into the world of PC monitors with the award-winning AD27QD back in January. Hoping to ...

Inno3D GeForce RTX 2080 Super iChiLL Black

Nvidia add-in board partner Inno3D goes about its business by having three distinct ranges for its enthusiast graphics cards. Catering for the user who wants ...

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