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HEXUS Week In Review: unique chassis and Intel's Compute Stick

by Tarinder Sandhu on 8 May 2015, 16:01

Tags: In Win, Intel (NASDAQ:INTC), Gigabyte (TPE:2376), Qnap

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Intel Compute Stick STCK1A32WFC

Intel kickstarted the popularity of small-form-factor computing when it released the first Next Unit of Computing (NUC) device in early 2013. Since that release the ...


Qnap's four-bay TS-451 NAS was launched to much acclaim back in July 2014, and with good reason: the SOHO server was one of the first ...

In Win D-Frame Mini

It's not hard to find a decent chassis these days - the market is as competitive as ever, and there are multiple brands serving up ...

Gigabyte X99-UD4P

Any enthusiast worth their salt will know the Intel X99 platform will remain the go-to solution for some time to come. No other setup can ...

Missed out on our fabulous My Cloud™ EX2100 giveaway? Fear not, we've teamed up with WD again to give you another chance of winning and ...

Competition closing date: 5 June 2015, 00:00

We've had some interesting prizes here at HEXUS over the years. That trend continues today as we join forces with chassis expert In Win and ...

Competition closing date: 7 June 2015, 00:00

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