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HEXUS Week In Review: Razer Phone and a Ryzen Laptop

by Parm Mann on 1 December 2017, 16:01

Tags: ASUSTeK (TPE:2357), Corsair, Linksys, Razer, Rivet Networks, Quiet PC, be-quiet

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Asus ROG Strix GL702ZC

Having witnessed AMD shake up the desktop CPU landscape with the introduction of its Ryzen processor family, we've been itching to see how the company ...

Corsair HS50 Stereo Gaming Headset

Corsair has built upon a range of Void gaming headsets with newer iterations released on a regular cadence. These headsets have select combinations of surround ...

Linksys WRT32X Gaming Router

Our reliance on the Internet and web connectivity is such that the router plays a key role in modern homes or offices. Whereas an ISP-provided ...

Razer Phone

Gaming specialist Razer did something rather unexpected earlier this month by eschewing the fertile laptop and peripheral ground for an altogether different launch. That different ...

Eager to get your hands on the ultimate gaming router? Then we have just the competition for you. In partnership with Killer, Linksys and Alienware ...

Competition closing date: 27 December 2017, 22:00

Want to experience the joys of an Intel Core i7-8700K processor with zero fan noise? Then we have just the competition for you. In partnership ...

Competition closing date: 24 December 2017, 22:00

There are plenty of eye-catching chassis on the market today, but if we had to pick a favourite, be quiet!'s Dark Base 700 would be ...

Competition closing date: 22 December 2017, 22:00

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