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HEXUS Week In Review: Core i7-7700K, Aurora R5 and MasterBox 5t

by Parm Mann on 9 December 2016, 16:01

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC), Alienware (NASDAQ:DELL), Cooler Master, be-quiet, Corsair

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Intel Core i7-7700K (14nm+ Kaby Lake)

Historically speaking, the introduction of a new CPU architecture from either Intel or AMD has usually been preceded by fervent speculation, genuine excitement and bated ...

Alienware Aurora R5

The Alienware Aurora has been around for about as long as we can remember and serves as a means for Dell to deliver high-end gaming ...

Cooler Master MasterBox 5t

Cooler Master is expanding its range of chassis solutions with the introduction of the MasterBox 5t. The name sounds a little clunky, yet we've been ...

Like the look of be quiet!'s latest full-tower Dark Base enclosures? Or how about the award-winning Silent Loop CPU coolers? Then this is the competition ...

Competition closing date: 31 December 2016, 22:00

Want to give your PC a modern makeover? Then here's your chance. In partnership with Corsair, HEXUS is giving you the opportunity to win an ...

Competition closing date: 31 December 2016, 22:00