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HEXUS Week In Review: 2P boards, new chassis, mini PCs and more

by Parm Mann on 22 January 2016, 16:01

Tags: Gigabyte (TPE:2376), NZXT, G.SKILL, AsRock, Iiyama, Fractal Design

Quick Link: HEXUS.net/qacx3u

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Gigabyte MW70-3S0

When enthusiasts begin to think of true high-end desktop machines the attention invariably heads towards CPUs and GPUs that pack in the most cores and ...

NZXT H440 New Edition

Was the launch of the H440 a couple of years ago a watershed moment for NZXT? Prior to that moment, the US manufacturer of PC ...

G.Skill Ripjaws V 8GB DDR4-3600 (F4-3600C17D-8GVK)

The Intel Skylake PC platform is the first to cater for DDR4 memory on mainstream processors. Housed on the Z170 chipset and able to run ...

ASRock BeeBox N3000

We've always felt an attraction toward the cute little Intel NUC. Since its inception in 2012, the 'Next Unit of Computing' has showcased what the ...

iiyama ProLite B2783QSU

There's certainly no shortage of choice when it comes to monitors. The LCD manufacturing process is mature enough to offer you, the consumer, a 24in, ...

Want to win some fantastic PC hardware? For our latest giveaway, HEXUS has teamed up with Fractal Design to give you the chance of winning ...

Competition closing date: 15 February 2016, 00:00

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