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HEXUS Week In Review: R9 390, new chassis and a mini-ITX rig

by Parm Mann on 9 October 2015, 16:01

Tags: Chillblast, Fractal Design, Sapphire, be-quiet

Quick Link: HEXUS.net/qacvcy

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Fractal Design Core 500

There are a couple of ways of approaching a mini-ITX build. You could, if you were so inclined, go the extra yard and spend big ...

Chillblast Fusion Nano Fury

We were impressed by the diminutive size of AMD's powerful Radeon R9 Nano graphics card a few weeks ago and came away intrigued by the ...

Sapphire R9 390 Nitro

You know how HEXUS has taken a good look at the GeForce GTX 970 GPU? Notwithstanding the very minor real-world implications of arranging the 4GB ...

be quiet! Silent Base 600

German manufacturer be quiet! may be best known for its high-quality power supplies and premium CPU coolers, but the company is beginning to diversify and, ...

To celebrate the launch of its second PC enclosure, be quiet! has teamed up with HEXUS to give you the chance to win one of ...

Competition closing date: 8 November 2015, 00:00

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