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HEXUS Week In Review: Kraken X52, Akoya S3409 and SC17 1070

by Parm Mann on 18 November 2016, 16:01

Tags: NZXT, Medion, EVGA, Corsair

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NZXT Kraken X52

All-in-one liquid coolers have become hugely popular with system integrators and end users in recent years, and given the level of performance and ease of ...

Medion Akoya S3409 Ultrabook

Remember when Intel proclaimed that ultrabooks were the next great thing. A $300m war chest, ostensibly for marketing, was earmarked to stave the threat from ...

EVGA SC17 1070 Gaming Laptop

We'd started to lose count of how many gaming laptops we reviewed in the first half of 2016 only to conclude that a next-gen GPU ...

Corsair Harpoon RGB

The great thing about PC gaming hardware is that there's so much choice. You aren't restricted to certain peripherals, and there literally is a keyboard ...

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