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Review: be quiet! Pure Base 500

by Parm Mann on 17 September 2019, 12:01

Tags: be-quiet

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...a compact choice for those planning a sleek build that's high on quality, easy on the eye, and effortless to work with.

be quiet! already produces some of the best chassis on the market, and with the introduction of the Pure Base 500, it has proven that it can maintain those high standards at more accessible price points.

Available in a choice of black, white or grey colour schemes, with prices ranging from £70 to £85, the new mid-tower addition is a compact choice for those planning a sleek build that's high on quality, easy on the eye, and effortless to work with.

Ticking all those boxes, Pure Base 500 looks particularly lovely in metallic grey, is reasonably petite while maintaining compatibility with high-end components, and makes for a fuss-free build process. The novel SSD bracket adds a further two 2.5in drive bays while aiding cable management, there are a pair of good-quality Pure Wings 2 140mm fans included as standard, and though it's a shame there are no provisions for a vertical graphics card, be quiet! has most of the essentials covered for a high-performance build.

Bottom line: the addition of USB-C would elevate Pure Base 500 from good to outstanding, but this is nonetheless one of the best compact mid-tower chassis available for under £100.

The Good
The Bad
Metallic grey paintwork looks lovely
Noticeably smaller than Pure Base 600
Two good-quality 140mm fans included
SSD bracket is a nice touch
Good build quality throughout
Effortless cable management
Ought to have USB Type-C
No reset button nor HDD LED
PWM fans would have been nice

be quiet! Pure Base 500


The be quiet! Pure Base 500 chassis is available to purchase from Scan Computers.


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