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Review: be quiet! Silent Base 800

by Parm Mann on 18 November 2014, 09:00

Tags: be-quiet

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Looking to put together a high-end PC that's both quick and quiet? The Silent Base 800 is a recommended starting point.

If our time with the Silent Base 800 has told us anything, it's that be quiet! is a welcome newcomer to the competitive PC chassis marketplace.

The company has a reputation for putting together stylish PC hardware that's well built and designed with an emphasis on silent performance, and these credentials naturally lend themselves to modern-day enclosures.

For a first effort, the Silent Base 800 has a lot going for it. The case is stylish without being showy, the internal area is easy to build into, cable management is decent and there's enough sound-dampening material to help users put together a truly quiet PC.

Quality fans, rubber hard-disk mounts, multiple mesh filters and a configurable storage system are among the chassis' other plus points, and there isn't a lot that be quiet! gets wrong. Sure, the front-door hinges could have been stronger, and we do think the chassis is a little tall for a mid-tower solution, but these are minor niggles in what's an otherwise attractive enclosure.

Looking to put together a high-end PC that's both quick and quiet? The Silent Base 800 is a recommended starting point.

The Good
The Bad
Decent performance
Filtered Pure Wings 2 fans
Rubberised hard-disk mounts
Flexible storage configuration
Noise-dampened throughout
Sleek exterior design
Very easy to build into
Good cable management
Front-door hinges are fragile
Front intakes are stifled
Tall for a mid-tower case


be quiet! Silent Base 800




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Looks sharp and liking computers on the quieter end of the scale, this would definitely make the short-list for the next computer build!
I've grown to love the Be Quiet! power supply (DP pro 10) in my last build - if this is their first punt at a case, I'll look forward to what may come for my next.
I like it,but to big i guess.
Looks good, a few minor improvements could be made but still a solid first case.
So much so that it brings up what could be a deal-breaker for some: there's no side window.
Staring through a PC's window? Really? Haven't these people heard of washing machines or microwave ovens? There's a lot more going on inside those, especially the washing machine. I can spend hours… :-D