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Gigabyte extends Designare product range into DDR4 memory

by Mark Tyson on 6 February 2020, 11:11

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Gigabyte has been developing its Designare sub-brand for a number of years now. The first Designare branded motherboard we saw was back in 2017, and until now Gigabyte had decided to not extend this brand further. We see the Designare brand for creators as an analogue to the Aorus brand for gamers - while the core Gigabyte name is more of a general purpose brand.

Gigabyte is kicking off its range of DDR4 memory for creators with a single memory kit at this time, the Designare Memory 64GB (2x32GB) 3200MHz Kit. What should you expect from this product line? If you are at all familiar with previous Designare products the answer should be obvious - high performance PC components without the brash bling that often goes hand in hand with gamer wares.

From the images you will immediately see that the Designare Memory modules are pleasingly minimal but functional looking with their uncomplicated low-profile anodised aluminium heatspreaders and subtle branding. There is no RGB here.

Inside the sleek exterior Gigabyte has specified a high quality PCB with select memory ICs. You can see the full tech specs here but I've summarised the key points below:

  • Memory Size: 64GB Kit (2 x 32GB)
  • Frequency: DDR4-3200 MHz
  • Timing: 16-18-18-38
  • Industrial Standard JEDEC DDR4 Compliance
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Dimensions: 13.3 x 3.2 x 0.7cm

The above memory sticks are touted as great solutions for systems requiring fast responsive multi-tasking. If you need more than 32GB to work effectively, Gigabyte has tested the Designare RAM, applying multiple kits to provide as much as 256GB, depending on motherboard support.

Gigabyte is yet to announce availability or pricing for the Designare DDR4 memory kits.

Where next for the Designare sub-brand? At Computex last summer Gigabyte launched some updated Aero laptops "for creators," but it must have been a bit nervous about whether to make these Designare laptops at the time. You can look back at the HEXUS review of the Gigabyte Aero 15 OLED, to see a line which might morph/branch into Designare products, now that they are clearly targeting creators and prosumers.

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Looks rather…. Apple™, doesn't it?
Looks rather…. Apple™, doesn't it?

Well if you associate minimalist design with Apple then yeah…. but in all honesty most of apple's ‘minimalist’ designs have been inspired by designs from far earlier, often in other areas of tech. Earlier braun stuff is often shown to have a large inspiration on the design of the work by Apple/Jony Ive.

In all honesty though the thing with minimalist design is that when you get rid of all the bling that companies seem to think users want you will eventually boil a design down to fundamentally the same design on the same thing… in the case of ram heatsinks it is literally either 1 or 2 pieces of metal connecting to the ram modules on the side.

As to the design, personally I quite like this minimalist look, I just with they'd do more motherboards (they do a threadripper one, then ruin it with a huge rgb logo on the board…) and graphics cards like it… I don't really want all the bling and rgb rubbish, hell I don't want a see through window on my case either but that seems harder and harder to get now too. I do wish they were 3600 rather than 3200 though, that seems to be the sweet spot for ryzen from what I've seen.
We see the Designare brand for creators as an analogue to the Aorus brand for gamers

I was under the impression that “Creators” already have a lifestyle brand, it's called Apple and do they actually need/want need their own lifestyle brand for PC components? Imho most people I know, who could loosely be branded as creative types, couldn't give a toss what's inside their box, just so long as it works and how it looks on the outside.

Eitherway this kind marketing bollox is totally putting me off my next Gigabyte purchase which was going to be a Z390 Designare. I'll just buy another (cheaper) Aorus Z390 Pro :)

God I'm in a ranty mood today :crazy:
B&O would love those if they did computers.
TBH i like them too, so if someone want to send 4 of those kits my way please feel free.
They look really smart and classy to me. Anyone that don't like Gigabyte could always paste some Wrigleys chewing gum labels over the name. lol.