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QOTW: Which PC chassis are you using?

by Parm Mann on 2 September 2016, 16:31

Tags: Antec, be-quiet, Cooler Master, Corsair, Deepcool, EVGA, Fractal Design, In Win, Lian Li, Nanoxia, NZXT, SilverstoneTek, Thermaltake (3540.TWO)

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Picking out a new chassis has to be one of the best parts of building a new PC. It's one of the components you're going to see and touch the most, and that alone makes it key in determining whether or not the build is a success.

There's an ever-expanding array of choices in various form factors, ranging from pint-sized to downright massive, and you can spend anywhere between £20 and £2,000. Always an interesting topic that's worth revisiting, so this week's question is simple: which PC chassis are you using?

Multiple answers are welcome if you happen to have more than one case, and do feel free to expand on your responses with some juicy details. We'd like to know how old your case is, how easy it was to build into, and, well, whether you like it enough to recommend it to friends.

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Antec 300. Doesn't have modern features (like USB 3.0, modern cable management or a CPU heatsink mounting cutout) but its solid, looks good and has plenty of cooling and space. I did recently consider buying a new one but just couldn't justify £50 for something with little to offer me (I don't own any USB 3.0 products, I have cable tied the cables in nicely and the Hiper 212 heatsink is already fitted and I won't be change it any time soon)…
Antec 300 since 2009, looks like its popular solution. To be honest I run most stuff from a USB 3 hub, or RS232 so its fine for me.
Corsair 200R.Plenty of room & was cheap when i bought it.
Corsair Obsidian 750D. I believe I bought this in 2013, so three years old I guess. Love how easily it is to clean and assemble because it's so spacious. Hate the fact that it's picking up dust so often.
Silverstone TJ07 since 2008. Never come across a case that suits my needs any better since.
Its fits water cooling loops easily, its all Aluminium so modding it is easy and it does not look too dated.
I keep my eye on new large cases but they never seem to tick all the boxes like this one.