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CES Unveiled - Lenovo set to release the IdeaCentre Horizon 'Table PC'


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Firm wants to create new PC category; fusing 27in super-sized tablet with all-in-one computer.

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Can I have this again with english subtitles?!
Bah, table TV where the UI is based around dragging things around, and no real work is demonstrated.

I can do that with my normal table and the piles of paper I have lying around already. I don't want that UI on my computer!
made me giggle… ‘im not sure this will succeed’ while still stood next to him :p
What a stupid concept having yet another complete PC box for this. Why wouldn't they design a wireless HDMI & touch enabled monitor, and attach a battery on it is beyond me. Can I have a device I can actually use and not spend 90% of its up time on setting/charging it up, please?