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be quiet! talks PSUs, coolers and fans


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Aaron Licht gives us a tour of the company's latest products.

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A lot of noise is being made about this company at the moment, I'd really like to see a video review of some of their products once Hexus start testing them, some of their first gen coolers were criticised because of the mounting brackets to fix them on to the CPU/mobo.
I've got a CPU cooler and PSU + some case fans from BQ and I have to say they are quality! Would def recommend..
What is the warranty like on these fans and can they be swapped out in the psu / cooler with other brands? 135mm sounds a bit proprietrary so customers could end up over a barrel…

Would be interesting for you guys to try the heatsink out in fanless mode, in a fanless case with the PSU running at quietest setting. Maybe with an i3 2120t or similar on a board running Intel HD graphics or a low end llano. People who want a HTPC might well have a similar setup, or maybe even have a pico-psu to cut the fans entirely. Most heatsink reviews seem to end up missing the point of quiet coolers entirely and review them with the same criteria as performance units.
Bequiet are indeed fantastic fans on par if not superior to noctua
Currently own a Be Quiet dark rock advanced cpu cooler and will definitely buy another one as for my 2nd computer, they do the job perfectly and are really silent. My temps dropped around 15-17 degrees (i5 2500k 4.5/4.6 OC) over the stock.