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Review: Fractal Design Define S2 Vision RGB

by Parm Mann on 24 April 2019, 11:00

Tags: Fractal Design

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Fans of Fractal's understated approach may lament such design decisions, but the end result is without a doubt the firm's trendiest case.

Fractal Design is making its move into the high-end PC enclosure market with the launch of its most expensive chassis to date, the Define S2 Vision RGB.

Priced at £225 and built on the solid foundations of last year's Define S2, this premium variant flaunts lashings of tempered glass and a splattering of RGB lighting to better compete with eye-catching competitors.

Fans of Fractal's understated approach may lament such design decisions, but the end result is without a doubt the firm's trendiest case, and though the Vision RGB is intended to look cool, it manages to do so while retaining almost everything that was good about the original Define S2.

Almost everything you'd want in a modern mid-tower is present and accounted for, including front USB Type-C, an integrated PWM fan hub, five storage bays, a tidy PSU shroud, comprehensive liquid-cooling support, and provision for a vertical graphics card. Trouble is, almost all of that is available from the regular Define S2, and though the Vision RGB is a handsome alternative with some neat upgrades, the large increase in MSRP isn't easy to stomach.

Bottom line: the Define S2 Vision RGB is great to work with and looks the part, but a £225 entry fee is a major obstacle.

The Good
The Bad
Lots of elegant glass
Four RGB fans as standard
RGB strip and controller included
Front USB Type-C
Improved PSU shroud
Comprehensive liquid-cooling support
Large price premium
Trades quietness for trendiness

Fractal Design Define S2 Vision RGB


The Fractal Design Define S2 Vision RGB chassis will be available to purchase from Scan Computers.


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If I wanted a big box with a load of tempered glass, I'd buy a skyscraper.
If I wanted RGB features applied in DIY kit form, I'd buy the kit and apply it.
I'm also not sold on the drive cages at the back, as the wide spacing looks like some PSU cables will struggle to stretch. Cable management looks a bit lacking, as well.

TBH, for that kind of money, an Enthoo Luxe has it beat on just about every feature, regardless of whether you choose glass or not… and you'd still have enough change to order pizza for a week!!
Fractal - tick, Lots of room - tick, airflow - tick. All nice then you have to pay a 2x the cost of the standard version to get some lights and more glass. No thanks
I really love the look of this case, but it is just too expensive sadly. It would be nice if they offered the front tempered glass bezel for Define S/S2 owners, since it looks alot more effective than the standard front of the case. Since they sell the side tempered glass window as an accessory anyway for the older Define S, it would be nice to smarten up the front as well.
gotta say i agree with the other bods here- twice the price nearly for pretty fans and a glass front.
who do fractal design think they are, corsair?
i have the sound deadened version of this case and it is the most solid and best case I have ever used hands down