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Review: NZXT H500i

by Parm Mann on 24 May 2018, 14:01

Tags: NZXT

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Built with solid steel construction, and available in a choice of colours, this is in our estimation one of the best-looking mid-tower chassis available today.

We might have had our reservations about the flagship H700i, but NZXT is back on form with the mid-range H500i. Built with solid steel construction, and available in a choice of colours, this is in our estimation one of the best-looking mid-tower chassis available today.

Building into the case is a cinch thanks to well-thought-out cable management, spring-loaded SSD trays, and a removable front tray that makes light work of radiator installation. The end result is a hassle-free enclosure that is easy to work with and able to provide a stylish build with minimal effort.

NZXT's implementation of tempered glass is one the of the best we've seen, and blends wonderfully with the large steel sections on the top, front and side, yet there are a few niggles that remain. It's a shame the I/O panel doesn't include a reset button or USB Type-C, and though the internal Smart Device and RGB strips available to the H500i add an extra layer of flair, they do so at a premium that leaves us leaning more toward the standard H500.

Bottom line: NZXT has the makings of an excellent mid-tower solution for mainstream audiences, and just a few small tweaks to the I/O would put it close to perfection. An H500 Elite, perhaps?

The Good
The Bad
Sleek, stylish aesthetic
Choice of colour options
Good cable management
Simplified front radiator installation
Elegant and easy to remove glass panel
Solid build quality
No reset button
No USB Type-C

NZXT H500i


The NZXT H500i chassis is available to purchase from Scan Computers.


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Looks like something you'd buy from Ikea…
do you like Ikea?
do you like Ikea?
When I was fitting kitchens for a living their stuff was still fairly well made, but a pain in the proverbial to fit as you had to cut out the backs of every cabinet for the pipework (UK has it down low, Scandi clearly doesn't).
It was also a highly fashionable brand in the gay community, who were the largest client section of my portfolio, so I spent a LOT of time and money in their stores and collection points….

These days it's probably the shoddiest gack I've known since MFI graced our shores. It's very cunningly done, in that it goes together straight and doesn't look like it's about to fall apart…. but I've never before known a 5'x5' corner desk that was so light I could lift it with one hand!!

I think it's a lot of pseudo-Scandi guff being sold to gullible consumers, who wouldn't know proper solid wood furniture if it came up and bit them on the bum…. or that, in some cases, they could get said solid furniture for less than they shelled out for their flimsy stand-up cardboard Scandi theatrical scenery!!

No, I don't like Ikea… and my wife gets a mega-version of this rant every time she goes shopping there!! :lol:
It is what it is, cheap and cheerful, not a bad case for its market at all, I wouldn't consider the lack of USB type C and reset button as a straight negative, it depends on preference, I am quite happy to have all my ports around the back directly on the mobo, in fact I don't even use the front panel I have on my current case and I don't think I have used a reset button on a PC since the 90's!
If for no other reason than the nice and simple way of securing & releasing of the glass side panel, this would be right near the top of my list of cases to replace my trusty 4yr old Corsair 450D.

I like it, alot.