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Review: EVGA DG-77

by Parm Mann on 5 December 2017, 10:00

Tags: EVGA

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...DG-77's key strengths include four bundled fans and all the kit required to vertically mount your graphics card...

EVGA has ventured into mid-tower territory with the release of the DG-7 Series gaming chassis. Available in a choice of flavours and with prices starting at €55, the new range is designed to appeal to mainstream users seeking a familiar form factor with an extra layer of flair.

The implementation of glass panels on two or more sides helps provide a modern finish, as does integrated RGB lighting, yet by attempting to cover so many price points with the same underlying frame, EVGA's mid-tower solution can feel luxurious in some aspects and cheap in others. The flagship DG-77 may have lots of thick glass in keeping with its €130 price tag, yet it still carries a basic PSU filter befitting an entry-level case and doesn't include forward-looking USB Type-C.

Having eight available models to choose from means that there probably is a DG-7 Series case to suit your budget, but we come away feeling as though EVGA has missed some of the finer details. The reviewed DG-77's key strengths include four bundled fans and all the kit required to vertically mount your graphics card, but given the standard set by the firm's frequently exceptional graphics cards, this mid-tower offering comes across as merely reasonable.

The Good
The Bad
Includes vertical GPU mount
Four bundled 120mm fans
K-Boost for EVGA GeForce users
Integrated RGB hub
That white stripe
Lacks USB Type-C
Little room for a top radiator
PSU filter is basic


The EVGA DG-77 chassis is available from EVGA.


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That's a lot of “branding” on a mid-tier (ie. overpriced) case! What on earth made them think “DG-77” in huge letters was a good idea (it has no “cred”, it's just a model number for goodness sake). Maybe I'm just too old for this stuff.
Comparative youth here. Agreed, branding makes it uglier. I might have called it attractive if the names and such were removed and white lines used as trim / highlight/styling only.
I like the style overall, but that massive DG-77 kind of kills it for me.
Tempered glass - No thanks.
Watercooling-restricted - No thanks.