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AOC updates Agon gaming series with 24- and 27-inch monitors

by Mark Tyson on 31 July 2020, 12:21

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AOC is a rather prolific monitor maker and among its wares promotes the Agon Series as the best choice for PC gamers. The firm has written to HEXUS with details of two new entrants to its Agon Gaming monitors; the 24.5-inch AG251FZ2E with 240Hz TN panel and 0.5ms MPRT, and the 27-inch AG273QXP with 165Hz Nano-IPS panel and 1ms GtG. Both models offer FreeSync Premium support and LFC, as well as six gaming presets, shadow control, DialPoint crosshairs, frame counters, Game Colour adjustments plus FlickerFree technology and Low Blue Light modes.

AOC Agon AG251FZ2E, MSRP €409

This new gaming monitor is the successor to the AG251FZ, if you are familiar with that model. Similarly it is based around a 24.5-inch FHD (1920 x 1080 pixels) TN panel. The headline performance of this monitor, which targets eSports gamers, are the refresh rate of 240Hz, and pixel response time is 1 ms GtG. AOC says that response times can be tweaked even lower, "to an impressive 0.5 ms MPRT - with a strobing backlight in sync with the refresh rate - using the MBR (Motion Blur Reduction) option". The new AOC Agon AG251FZ2E features AMD FreeSync Premium support plus low framerate compensation (LFC).

Another refinement over its predecessor is evident in the supplied stand. AOC says this is more robust, with a sturdy compact foot designed with eSports players in mind. Height, swivel, tilt and pivot adjustment options are available to users and the adjustments feature labelled scales so you can replicate setups when you move your kit around. The frame is equipped with a headset holder.

As per the subheading, the MSRP of this monitor is €409, and AOC says it will become available in August.

AOC Agon AG273QXP, MSRP €489

This monitor is the first in the Agon series to come with a Nano IPS display panel. As you can probably decipher from the codename the panel has a 27-inch diagonal which offers up a QHD resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels). The AG273QXP's refresh rate tops out at 165Hz, and it offers a 1ms GtG pixel response time. Again AMD FreeSync Premium support plus low framerate compensation (LFC) are supported.

While this isn't angled at eSports gamers, its larger size, HDR ready spec, and improved colour gamut will likely appeal to both gamers and content creators / consumers. AOC claims 133 per cent sRGB, 98.6 per cent AdobeRGB and 98.1 per cent DCI-P3 coverage.

The AG273QXP features a height adjustable stand with carry handle and headset holder on both sides. An added frill with this model is the AOC Light FX RGB LED lights on the back.

AOC's Agon AG273QXP will be available in August 2020 at a MSRP of €489.

Earlier in 2020 HEXUS reviewed the 35-inch curved UltraWide AOC Agon AG353UCG, and the affordable 27-inch curved 240Hz AOC C27G2ZU.

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