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MSI launches the Creator PS312 Series monitors

by Mark Tyson on 7 January 2020, 18:31

Tags: MSI

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MSI has pushed strongly to advance its monitor lineup at CES 2020. On Monday we reported upon the 38-inch 144Hz IPS gently curved MEG381CQR, as well as a matching HMI design compact but powerful Aegis Ti5 desktop. But there are more monitors worth highlighting before moving on. Below I will outline a pair of creator targeted (but still very adept for gaming) Creator PS312 Series monitors. Additionally the previously leaked 240Hz portable Optix MAG161 has arrived in the flesh, after we thought it might have been an aberration.

MSI Creator PS312 Series

The new MSI Creator PS312 Series monitors consists of only two variants at this time; a hgh refresh rate 1440p version dubbed the PS321QR, and a 4K version which goes by the name of the PS321UR. Whichever you choose you will be getting a colour-accurate 32-inch flat-screen IPS panel with 100 per cent sRGB, 99 per cent Adobe RGB, and 95 per cent DCI-P3 coverage, in addition to HDR600 certification. Furthermore, the identical from a distance monitors feature MSI's Creator OSD to fine-tune colour profiles, manage workspaces, or even tweak system functionality.

MSI's Creator PS321QU monitor prioritises screen real-estate over raw performance. Depending upon the work, applications you use, or the games you play - this may be your preference. MSI suggests it is a great option for being able to keep multiple apps, assets and windows open at once, to speed up workflows.

Turning to the MSI Creator PS321QU, its 165Hz 1440p panel "is an excellent option for game and VR developers – giving them a brilliant display to design and test their games with high refresh rates to ensure that their audience has a smooth gaming experience," says MSI. At 32-inch, that res would be the most useful option for me I think.

MSI Optix MAG161

This is a 15.6-inch portable gaming monitor with some strong attractions. Firstly it is the world's slimmest portable of this size which will enhance its chance of being carried about and being useful. The FHD panel employed by MSI is of the IPS type, so it will offer the typically well regarded colour reproduction and wide viewing angles associated with this panel type.

Perhaps the most headline grabbing aspect of the new MAG161 though, is its 240Hz refresh rate, along with FreeSync support, which will extends its functionality and appeal for many users on the go.

I don't have pricing or availability for these monitors at the time of writing.

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