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MSI releases Z370 motherboard BIOS files for Intel 9K support

by Mark Tyson on 2 August 2018, 12:11


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MSI Z370 BIOS updates

Yesterday, MSI published a news article stating it had updated the BIOS files for 15 of its Intel chipset motherboards, so that they will be compatible with upcoming Intel 9th generation Core processors. Unfortunately, for some reason, the article has been removed. However, AnandTech captured the contents in a news piece on the MSI update.

The 15 motherboards below, all sporting the Z370 chipset, will get new BIOS files to enable Intel 9th generation Core processor support. This list, as it stands, leaves out five MSI Z370 SKUs.

  1. MSI Z370 Godlike Gaming
  2. MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon AC
  3. MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon
  4. MSI Z370I Gaming Pro Carbon AC
  5. MSI Z370M Gaming Pro AC
  6. MSI Z370 Krait Gaming
  7. MSI Z370 SLI Plus
  8. MSI Z370 Tomahawk
  9. MSI Z370-A Pro
  10. MSI Z370-OC Pro
  11. MSI Z370 PC Pro
  12. MSI Z370M Mortar
  13. MSI Z370 Gaming M5
  14. MSI Z370 Gaming Plus
  15. MSI Z370 OC Gaming

Back in June we covered news that the Intel Z390 chipset was expected to be a Z370 rebrand with a few enhancements in shipping products, most likely in the VRM sections and in optional sprinklings of extra external controllers.

Intel has yet to officially announce any 9th generation Core processors or supporting hardware like chipsets. According to the rumour mill the first processors, flagship examples sporting 8 physical cores, could arrive quite soon.

MSI releases B450 motherboards for new AMD processors

On Tuesday we noted that Asus and Gigabyte had formally announced their B450 motherboard series. MSI's press release has now appeared to back up its earlier product listings. There are twelve new B450 motherboards in all from MSI, and it takes the chance in the press release to highlight the overclocking friendly features of the B450 Gaming Plus, B450 Tomahawk, and B450M Mortar.

You can head on over to that MSI news page, if you are interested in acquiring a new B450 board soon. To pick through the boards and their specifications more closely check out the motherboards section of the MSI website and tick the AMD B450 option in the chipset dropdown menu on the left.

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