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EVGA launches its 4K-ready SC17 Gaming Laptop

by Mark Tyson on 7 January 2016, 13:31

Tags: EVGA

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A mystery chassis and more


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Jacob Freeman guides us through the firm's upcoming chassis.

An EVGA gaming chassis, currently unnamed, is also in the offing. EVGA claims it is the "first PC Gaming case designed for GPU cooling". Air and/or water cooling is supported and the chassis is modular for customisation and great airflow characteristics.

Finally EVGA has a new Pro Audio card in the pipeline. Again the final naming of this product remains undecided. EVGA promises that the finished product will offer; "state of the art audio fidelity, true analogue engineering for lifelike audio reproduction", and a 130dB+ SNR. This product will be available in PCIe x1 and external USB forms.

All the new products announced will ship in 2016 but we don't have pricing indications as yet (and two aren't even named...).

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“4K gaming” at 30 fps on medium settings?
that desktop case is awesome
“4K gaming” at 30 fps on medium settings?

This, why not stick a 1440p panel on there instead? it will be sharp enough and give decent frame rates.
Why not stick a GTX980 in there (non M) with that sort of panel?
Still weak for 4k really