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be quiet! upgrades high-performance power supply with all-black cables

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New cable design optimizes a modern look

Glinde, April 18th 2017 - be quiet!, the market leader in PC power supplies in Germany for eleven consecutive years*, is adding all-black cables to its Power Zone series of high-performance power supplies. Aiming for overclockers and demanding gamers, Power Zone power supplies provide up to 1000W continuous power on a single 12V rail, which is ideal for powerful multi-GPU setups. Available immediately, the new all-black cables enhance a PC’s interior aesthetics with a timeless look, while still maintaining Power Zone’s technical excellence and stable performance that the product line is already known for.

All-black cables: be quiet!’s response to customer demands.

The growing popularity of PC cases with large side windows increased the demand for better cable management and clean interior layouts. This is putting all-black cables high up customers’ wish lists, especially since the darker cables are easier to combine with other components than color-coded cables. Dark Power Pro, Straight Power, Pure Power and System Power series power supplies already include all-black cables since mid-2016. Now, with the inclusion of the Power Zone series, all be quiet! ATX PS2 power supplies ship with all-black cables (some bulk versions may be excluded). Product name and pricing for the Power Zone series will not be affected by the update.

*Source: GfK Panel Market Germany, sales units internal computer power supplies, January 2017

About be quiet!

be quiet! is a premium brand of PC power supplies, PC cases and cooling solutions as well as the consistent PSU market leader in Germany since 2007*.

All conception, design and testing is done with a German passion for quality and precision at our headquarters in Germany. Innovative engineering concepts, premium materials and world-class quality make be quiet! products among the most silent, reliable and powerful available.

See bequiet.com.

*GfK data 2016