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The Ultimate Show Case – InWin 909EK

Tags: EK Water Blocks, In Win

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EK®, the leader in custom loop liquid cooling is proud to announce the launch of a limited edition product which is a result of a successful collaboration between EK and InWin, the renowned case manufacturer. It started as the “best build of CES” and now it is sold in a limited edition under the name EK-Quantum InWin 909EK – Silver Limited Edition.

EK-Quantum InWin 909EK - Silver Limited Edition

The EK-Quantum InWin 909EK case is a unique and heavily modified version of the very popular high-end InWin 909 case. The case itself is wider than a regular InWin 909 case in order to be able to fit two thick 480mm XE radiators with their fans. It features an integrated distribution plate which acts also as a motherboard tray, and it can support a dual D5 pump setup. This makes it really special as there is no similar case on the market. The InWin 909EK case is a part of the EK Quantum Line of products, which represents perfection in design and it is limited to only 200 pieces!

Availability and Pricing

The EK-Quantum InWin 909EK cases are made in Taiwan and are readily available for pre-order through the EK Webshop or EK Partner Reseller NetworkThe estimated shipping time for this product is the 19th of March 2020. In the table below you can see the manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP).

EK predicted MSRP prices including VAT:


EAN Code Name End-user Price in EUR 
3831109821848 EK-Quantum InWin 909EK - Silver Limited Edition 1.499,90