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Square Enix E3 presentation offers compelling mix of sequels

by Mark Tyson on 17 June 2015, 10:13

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Square Enix is a publisher of many a gamers' favourite title and/or franchise. The firm didn't disappoint at its press conference yesterday, it announced and showcased a winning blend of the old and new. I've gone through the list of announcements with particular attention to PC games, of course, and put together a mix of new information, release dates and trailers below…

Just Cause 3

This was the first game showcased at the Square Enix press conference. As players of the game series will know this is an open world sandbox action game. We have previously covered the new aspects of this game but new from E3 is an 11 minute section of gameplay with commentary. The game will become available on 1st December this year.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Rise of the Tomb Raider was discussed with a lot of talk concerning how realistic Lara looks in the new game. She has proportions based upon body scans and her outward appearance is influenced, like in real life, by the environment – so she will get dirt and blood on her skin and clothes for example. Tombs will make a comeback. The latest Tomb Raider game will be released on 10th November as an exclusive for Xbox One. A new turn-based Tomb Raider Go smartphone game was also announced.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

The latest Deus Ex game had already been officially revealed a few weeks ago. However at the E3 show we got to see some in-game action. The E3 2015 trailer introduces the story and shows Adam Jensen dispatching baddies with aplomb and generally causing havok. The game is "coming soon" to PC and next gen consoles.

Final Fantasy 7 remake

A remake of this seminal game is in the making and Square Enix showcased it in a new video trailer. The game will be coming to PS4 and PC, with an iOS mobile version arriving in the summer.


Yes, the new Hitman will simply be called 'Hitman' - but with a subtitle of 'World of Assassinations'. As a kind of 'reboot' it will set the scene for the game franchise going forward. As the assassin you have full freedom of how you will take out your target. While some jobs have a limited time during which they need to be executed others arise all the time. You will also be able to share your hit list with friends. Hitman is scheduled for an 8th December release.

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I need Deus Ex now, the developer was making very positive noises about boss battles and stealth=action gameplay in interview I heard. Of course I loved Human Revolution so even if it was more of the same I would be quite happy.
you guys didn't even go into the best from the SE reveals i.e. Nier 2! I mean, noone seen that coming and so many people are hype for it now!
Ok - just finished cleaning the Tea from my keyboard and the froth from my beard… Is it April 1st… No.
FF7… Official Remake Announement.
And Dayum but that trailer looks good :)
Square must be desperate for cash to finally remake FF7!! I really hope it is a proper remake though and not another one of those “HD” gimmicks.