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The Division will see optimised graphics in the PC version

by Mark Tyson on 6 November 2014, 11:05

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Amid rumours and speculation that Massive Entertainment will be downgrading The Division's graphics from PC for the PS4 and Xbox One, Martin Hultberg, head of communications at the studio, has sought to make things clear. He has responded by saying that Massive will be optimising the shooter's graphics for all three platforms, and not just for a particular platform, reports GameSpot.

In an interview with Open World Games, Hulberg said thatThe Division will not be "downgraded" from PC to console, and adds that each version is being developed to maximise the capabilities of its respective platform. This means that the PC version will be able to do more, utilising the full potential of high-end PC hardware.

"Downgrading is a weird term to use. Obviously, we want to make a game that looks the best it can on its respective format, so Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC," Hulberg said in the interview. "So I think the term downgrade is a bit confusing and weird because we're trying to get the most out of every machine we use. So Xbox gets its attention, PlayStation gets its attention, and PC of course will be able to cram it up a bit more depending on the hardware you have."

"We address every console, every platform, as its own version, so we try to stay away from the thing where you go for the least common denominator, and everybody suffers for it," continued Hulberg. He went on to say every version of the game will be treated individually, with resolution and frame rates being decided on a platform by platform basis, and not to simply achieve uniformity. "We want to make a good experience on all respective formats."

Beyond responding to the interview questions, Hulberg also teased that gamers may get to play the game with Ubisoft ahead of its release next year via an alpha or beta. "We have a long experience in doing online games dating back to Ground Control and World In Conflict," he said. "And I think the chance to involve people to do tests is very important. I suspect we will release more details on the possibilities for public tests later on."

The Division is set to officially launch sometime in 2015.

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Of course we believe anything you say ubisoft.
Oh it's Ubisoft. 30 fps and ‘resolution doesn’t matter' Ubisoft, king of horrible DRM & even making Steam sales go thru uPlay Ubisoft. We trust you I'm sure.
But Ubisoft are Gods, surely they would not deceive their believers so…?
Ubisoft “optimised graphics” is basically saying they're gonna let us have half the settings that every other game allows us to change.

Don't worry though, in a few months they'll add a DLC, for only £4.99 you'll be able to change such advanced and technical settings as LOD, Ambient Occlusion settings, and *gasp* which type of anti aliasing you want to use!

Although nobody will buy it, as a hacker will unlock all settings within 3 minutes of the game coming out.

But it'll only work on the pirated version…and they wonder why PC piracy is so bad!