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E3 – 2006 : LIVE :: The new Dell XPS system

by Nick Haywood on 11 May 2006, 15:52

Tags: Dell (NASDAQ:DELL)

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XPS gets a makeover

HEXUS.E3 It’s funny what you see if you take a gander around the further corners of the show and, having but an hour to spare before our incredibly heavy meeting schedule kicked off, we wander over to the Intel and NVIDIA stands where we found the new Dell XPS systems, quietly sitting there waiting to be loved. Finally Dell have moved away from simply painting one of their current normal system chassis, or bolting some metal on the front of it and calling it a "gaming" PC.

These new chassis are made of 2mm thick aluminum and are designed in a BTX-like-fashion. They will launch in the US first with a 3 week delay on launch in the UK. No one could give us a firm date for launch though. They will come in a series of colours and it will be an option when configuring the system. Instead of having a light on the front which you can change in the BIOS, these new Dell XPS chassis have a light which shines through and allows you to see the ports on the back. Finally it looks like Dell have a nicer chassis aimed at the gaming market. Interesting how things change when Alienware rocked up? :)

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The new Dell notebook range will feature 7900, currently they have not got a 7900 SLI notebook, but plans are apparently afloat. They are signing deals with franchises aall over the world in order to have "branded" notebooks.