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SWTOR surpasses WoWs early success, claims EA

by Steven Williamson on 2 February 2012, 13:41

Tags: Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA)

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Bioware’s Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) is picking up the pace since its launch in December and now boasts 1.7 million active subscribers, claims publisher Electronic Arts.

Speaking during an investor call this week to discuss its financial report for the third fiscal quarter, EA CEO John Riccitiello revealed that the California-based company has ploughed more money into the MMO than any other game in its 30 year history.

Out of two million units sold since its release on December 20th, EA says that 1.7 million players have continued playing SWTOR past the free 30 day trial and have subscribed to the game. These early figures, he says, means that Star Wars: The Old Republic has gained more followers in the first month than Blizzard Entertainment’s immensely popular World Of Warcraft (WoW) did during the same period.

The real proof of the MMOs success, of course, is going to be in how it performs in the long term. If SWTOR can get anywhere close to the amount of WoW subscribers (over 10 million as of September 2011) then EA will then be in a great position to start bragging about beating the competition.

Other snippets of information given about the company’s make or break MMO include claims that one million users log into the servers each day and stay in game for approximately four hours at a time. Riccitiello also revealed that 40 percent of the sales of SWTOR came through its digital distribution channel Origin, a service that EA is banking on to steal some of the market share from its main competitor, STEAM.

Despite initial complaints about server stability in the opening few weeks of launch, EA’s CEO also claims that server performance has exceeded expectations, noting a 99.5 percent uptime. Subscribers can also look forward to a major update in March and a number of PvP upgrades and expansion packs that are in the works

EA’s latest financial report, which revealed a better than expected performance in the third quarter with non-GAAP revenues of $1.65 billion, also detailed some facts and figures about the company’s other major IPs. While Battlefield 3 and FIFA 12 each sold more than 10 million units, Madden NFL 12 has reached five million units sold in the period ending December 31, 2011.

The future isn't quite so bright. EA has forecast a drop in non-GAAP revenue for the next quarter, expecting it to fall in between $925 million and $975 million.

Full details of the financial report can be found here.

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Just as long as these major updates and PVP upgrades are FOC and not micro-transactions
I've unsubbed now and gone back to WoW.

Why? Well the SW:TOR levelling experience is unrivalled. Quite simply an awesome story told from many different angles, that you can enjoy with your friends.

Once you hit the level cap get's so just doesn't do anything for me at that point.

I will probably come back from time to time to finish levelling some alts, and see if they have provided high level players something interesting to do..but for now I am back achievement hunting in Azeroth.

It's not just me either - all of the people I know who play both MMOs are starting to move away from TOR after hitting the level cap ;/
^^ i can see your points tbh, although i havent reached the level cap yet, i do see a major lack of end game content such as large raid instances and things, one thing that WoW has that TOR lacks is the achivement side of things, no matter how pointless some of the achivement crap actually is it keeps players busy and some of it is quite fun …

imho opinion if it wasnt for wow's achivement system a hell of a lot more people would have left wow by now because that too would have become static.
Steve A;2289009
imho opinion if it wasnt for wow's achivement system a hell of a lot more people would have left wow by now because that too would have become static.

Definitely - I am currently going back and doing all the old TBC raid content that I missed (I didn't play the TBC end game at all) - I would do it anyway but having the achievement system in there is a nice incentive to keep on going.

Same goes for my professions - just fishing left now to get to 525..achiv for me and a guild one too then.

Sure it's pointless (but then isn't any MMO really!) but its lots of fun, which is the point :) TOR just isn't, at least not at the moment.