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Rock Band 2 confirmed and first details land

by Steven Williamson on 30 June 2008, 11:16

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UK gamers may have only just gotten used to jamming away to tracks on Rock Band, but already it has been confirmed that Rock Band 2 is on its way and will feature 'the best set list ever seen in a music game'.

No surprises really, it was all but confirmed earlier this month when a leaked retailer release schedule hit the net. However, now that it has been officially confirmed, via an interview with lead designer Dan Teasdale, speculation as to which bands will make the cut can begin.

In an interview with IGN, Teasdale has confirmed a few details about Rock Band 2, including the fact that we'll be able to utilise the DLC from Rock Band with it. Furthermore, we'll still be download content that will be made available as DLC for Rock Band 2 on Rock Band 1. Why even buy it then?

Well, Teasdale not only believes that Rock Band 2 will launch with the best set list ever in a music game, but he also suggests that there will be enough enhancements to the game to make buying itmore than worthwhile, including a more streamlined way to get a group playing together online.

For now, we can only guess as to which bands will make the grade, but initial rumours suggest that AC/DC and INXS will be included.

Rock Band 2 will be released in September.

For the full interview, check out IGN

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Tracklists have appeared on the web already for Rock Band 2 :)

If the list is to be believed it's going to be nothing short of fantastic and I cannot wait to give “chop suey” by SOAD a good thrashing.