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Battlefield Currency, based on real money, goes live

by Mark Tyson on 4 April 2019, 11:11

Tags: Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA)

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Today, EA has introduced Battlefield Currency to Battlefield V, alongside the release of Chapter 3: Trial by Fire. Battlefield Currency is purchased with real-world money, and will co-exist with Company Coin, which users have been earning and spending thus far on various in-game items.

Initially the new currency will work as in the diagram above. In this way it will allow you to purchase cosmetic items that appeal, and help you save your hard-earned Company Coin for more important things like skill tree upgrades, weapons, vehicles, and other new gear.

However, EA's plans have started to change since the top diagram was produced a few months ago. A new Battlefield Currency FAQ says that from today the new currency will also be able to purchase in-game items called 'Elite Sets'. EA says that, from Chapter 3, Elite Sets will allow you to play as a distinct soldier in multiplayer modes, including Firestorm. It is further explained that "Each Elite is a unique character with a name and background. They consist of a themed assortment of cosmetic items, character voice overs, a Best Squad animation, and an exclusive Special Assignment that helps bring to life the story of the Elite and unlocks a signature melee weapon." EA insists that "Elites play like any other soldier and do not grant any type of gameplay advantage". Gamers will be able to find out more about the first two Elites, Seamus and Ernst, in the near future.

In addition to the above, later this spring EA will be making more in-game options purchasable using Battlefield Currency. Two types of 'Time Savers' are going to be available for your real-world cash bought Battlefield Currency, as follows:

  • Tier Catch-Ups unlock Chapter Reward items, providing an option for those players who don't have the time to earn all those items through gameplay.
  • XP Boosts accelerate the amount of experience points you earn while you play, allowing you to reach Chapter, Career, Weapon, Vehicle, or Class Rank at a faster pace.

Value bundles will be purchasable from today including various cosmetic items plus various amounts of the new Battlefield Currency. You can find out more about the contents of the Battlefield V Starter Pack and the Battlefield V Premium Starter Pack on the recently published FAQ.

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How long till battlefield currency can be used for the other two areas :P
If….. the game booted up a lot faster…if it didn't need a mammoth enormous multiple gig download everytime I wanted to play it (I dont play often…monthly maybe) ….if it was actually something I could play without a 4 hour planning session… to get the aforementioned downloads and boot up time…

I'd still not bother. Frankly…it's dead to me

If previous games are anything to go by about 3-9 months after the main DLC pipe dries up. I know I went back to BF3 and picked up the engineer and sniper fast track packs. IIRC they were even balanced by only giving you all weapons, and still having you play through to earn the mods.
The sad thing is not that they added real currency, but the fact that people will actually use it.
Pure greed, simple as. Next they'll be adding ads to it as well. Already seeing games with some ads on the walls, crates, etc. No more “here is a complete product” game anymore. More like here's a game, pay if you want to get ahead.

It's fine if gamers like the purchase model, but it just speaks laziness and greed.

The same way Blizzard closed their shop in Diablo 3, just not in the spirit of the game, best decision they ever made.