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Origin Access membership becomes available for $30/£20 pa

by Mark Tyson on 17 February 2017, 12:01

Tags: Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA)

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EA introduced Origin Access a little over a year ago. Aimed at PC gamers, the service was designed to be similar to the EA Access subscription service for Xbox One gamers which started in July 2014. However there was a notable (yearly) price difference between Origin Access and EA Access which caused more than a little consternation among the PC favouring HEXUS readers.

Now EA has introduced a yearly fee for Origin Access which brings the service charges to par with the Xbox One equivalent. If you go to the Origin Access page in the UK you will notice that subscriptions to the game library cost the same £3.99 per month, but there is now an option to subscribe for a year for £19.99. According to a report over at VentureBeat, U.S. residents benefit from similar cuts: Origin Access is now $4.99 per month, or $30 for a full year stateside.

The key attractions of Origin Access are the free 'vault' games (with over 50 in the library at the time of writing) but that's not all, as EA highlights:

  • Unlimited access to an ever-growing collection of great PC games.
  • Try new EA games before they’re released – no purchase necessary.
  • Save 10% on Origin purchases.

The Vault games include plenty of big name blockbusters but are not quite the latest editions. For example there's Battlefield 4 Premium (and older games in the franchise) but not Battlefield 1, and Titanfall Deluxe Edition is in the Vault but version 2 isn't. It's hard to guess when the newer titles will get added to the Vault.

For those newer games there are trials on offer, such as 10 hours in Battlefield 1 for free, and there's an exclusive play first trial of Mass Effect Andromeda on the way.

More games are added to the Origin Access Vault 'over time'. In the news yesterday was the addition of Aragami, Furi, and The Saboteur.

Those who are interested in trialling Origin Access can now enjoy 7 days free membership.

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Hmmm, now I'm slightly interested….
Hmmm, now I'm slightly interested….
Yes my view exactly. If I didn't have a backlog of about 100 games on steam I want to play (I'll ignore the 500 or so I don't and the 500 or so I've already played) I'd be all over this…
they just need an option for having both PC & Xbox versions
I bought the EA access yearly account for my son's xbox one and it has turned out to be great value for money. I would recommend it highly as you also get the play first trials for new games as well the vault content (usually 10 hours of play a week before release), I don't think I will be jumping on this for my PC at present though as I am very much addicted to BF1 and Rocket League right now. I might go for it once Mass Effect Andromeda is on there if I don't end up buying it before then.
Wait, are Brits getting a better deal than Americans? Surely not, there must be more games in the American choices or something, surely.