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  • The LG GW620: its first Android smartphone

    The LG GW620: its first Android smartphone

    17 May 2010, 18:10

    The Korean electronics giant was late to the Android party so it needed to get it right straight away…

  • HEXUS.tv review :: The Jabra Clipper

    HEXUS.tv review :: The Jabra Clipper

    4 May 2010, 15:17

    The Jabra Clipper, Bluetooth stereo headphones for your iPod, gets a mini-review from Nick... and he's not impressed.

  • HEXUS.tv review :: The Jabra Extreme headset

    HEXUS.tv review :: The Jabra Extreme headset

    27 April 2010, 09:40

    Nick gets his hands on the Jabra Extreme Bluetooth headset... and does himself a bit of wind-tunnel testing... sort of...

  • The HTC HD2: Windows Mobile’s last hurrah

    The HTC HD2: Windows Mobile’s last hurrah

    16 April 2010, 18:32

    HTC gets the best it can out of Windows Mobile before moving on to Android.

  • Nokia’s all-rounder: the N900

    Nokia’s all-rounder: the N900

    2 April 2010, 07:00

    We take a look at Nokia’s first smartphone to use its own Linux-based operating system.

  • The Nexus One vs that Nokia one

    The Nexus One vs that Nokia one

    1 March 2010, 07:45

    The Uber-geek and Unter-geek meet in a clash of geekiness that would have most anorak shops explode with anticipation... and all over a couple of mobile phones!

  • Philips VOIP841 PC-free DECT/Skype phone - world's first review

    5 March 2007, 15:14

    We were childishly excited late last week to get the chance to go hands on with the Philips VOIP841 - a PC-free combined DECT/Skype phone

  • USRobotics Skype USB Telephone Adapter 9620

    29 September 2006, 00:50

    How do you fancy making low-cost or no-cost Skype phone calls over the internet using your DECT phone? Bob Crabtree takes a long hard look at USRobotics' 9620 USB Telephone ...

  • D-Link Skype USB Phone Adapter DPH-50U

    2 August 2006, 16:44

    Millions of people make and take no-cost or low-cost Skype phone calls over the net using just a headset. D-Link's low-cost DPH-50U offers the convenience of using DECT phone - ...

  • Jabra JX10 - is smaller really better?

    28 March 2006, 21:35

    Jabra's latest top of the range headset has been designed by the world-renowned Danish designer, Jacob Jensen, but is it a case of style over substance?

  • Jabra BT500 bluetooth headset

    28 November 2005, 20:36

    Overall it’s an excellent package that realistically is a little overpriced when compared with the BT800, had it come in at a lower price point it would certainly have been ...

  • Trust ST-1200 Internet Phone Station

    27 September 2005, 20:26

    Trust's £40 ST-1200 Internet Phone Station lets you make free or low-cost Skype internet calls with a cordless or wired conventional phone

  • HEXUS.snapshot :: Xingtone ringtone creator

    23 September 2005, 00:00

    Xingtone is, without a doubt, an innovation in ringtone personalisation. If you like your tones, but you're bored of all the unindividual, gimmicky drivel that's out there, Xingtone is the ...

  • Jabra – BlueTooth headset shootout

    31 August 2005, 00:00

    Some might say this was to be expected, but the BT800, the most expensive device in this review, wins this shootout, and in some style too. It’s simply a very ...

  • Nokia 7280

    31 August 2005, 00:00

    There are some very clever features that would be great to see on future designs, but there is no realistic market for this handset anymore, its features and its looks ...

  • Orange SPV C550

    15 August 2005, 00:00

    If you hardly every switch your phone off and have regular access to a charge point then you could do far worse than the SPV C550 as a Smart Phone, ...

  • Nokia 8800

    9 August 2005, 00:00

    There is no doubt that Nokia have designed and built a phone of outstanding quality, its just such a shame it is lacking any substance. We can only hope Nokia ...

  • Siemens SL65, A Forgotten gem?

    7 August 2005, 00:00

    Recently, Siemens announced that they had closed off a deal with the Taiwanese electronic manufacturer BenQ, which has resulted in a deal worth 350 million Euros. Now, normally this is ...

  • Orange M500

    20 July 2005, 00:00

    The M500 from Orange is here to replace your office, your phone, your PC, your camera and your dog*.