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Dell belatedly offers warranty enhancement to cover NVIDIA die/packaging problems

by Scott Bicheno on 19 August 2008, 12:21

Tags: Dell (NASDAQ:DELL)

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Better late than never

Three weeks after first acknowledging the NVIDIA die/packaging problem, Dell has announced it's prepared to to more about it than just offer a BIOS update.

The direct2dell blog has announced Dell will be offering "a 12-month limited warranty enhancement specific to this issue. For all customers worldwide, we plan to add 12 months of coverage for this issue to the existing limited warranty up to 60 months from the date of purchase for the following systems:

Dell Precision M2300

Latitude D630

Vostro Notebook 1400

Dell Precision M4300

Latitude D630c

Vostro Notebook 1510

Dell Precision M65

Latitude D820

Vostro Notebook 1710

Inspiron 1420

Latitude D830

XPS M1330

Latitude D620

Vostro Notebook 1310

XPS M1530"

The hyperlinks are to the BIOS updates to make the fans run enough to, hopefully, prevent the die/packaging problem from becoming a, erm, problem. We guess the message for those systems listed that don't have a BIOS update is "you're on your own."

Even after this delay, Dell still doesn't seem to have worked out precisely what this enhancement entails. The short blog entry adds: "Details of the service plan will be available in the next few weeks. When I have more details to share, I will do so."

HP managed a "Limited Warranty Service Enhancement" of its own three weeks ago so it's not clear what the big delay is for Dell. Perhaps it's haggling with NVIDIA over how much of the $196 million NVIDIA has set aside to deal with this matter ends up in Dell's hands.


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About time. I'm still waiting for the lid to be blown off this whole sorry affair. So far its “run the fans at full speed and pray”. The parts are still defective. Its you the consumer that will be screwed by this.

Still waiting to hear from Acer what they are going to do about mine.
The fans certainly are not running at full speed on my XPS 1530 after updating to the A09 BIOS. I don't think they're even on at all other than a brief spin up every now and then in standard use. When gaming things might be a bit different, but I've not got it for gaming.
Lol looks like I have a 5 year warranty with regard to that issue then :D
isnt it 6yrs? defective goods? Its been a while since i had to beat barclaycard into submission to refund me for my nforce1 motherboard exploding with bad caps.
Trading standards were a fat lot of good back then.
Ive already had the mobo + graphics card replaced on my XPS M1330, and this was before all the widespread publicity of them failing had come out. Hmm nice to know I really wasnt the only one. I wonder if im still covered under the extended warranty even though mines been repaired once already?