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NVIDIA 3D Vision availability hampered by monitor supply

by Scott Bicheno on 12 May 2009, 18:32

Tags: VIP Computers, Samsung (005935.KS), NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA)

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Come on Samsung

NVIDIA has been keen to make a big noise about the UK availability of its new 3D Vision specs, which create a 3D viewing experience when worn. According to its exclusive UK distributor VIP Computers, the specs are available in plentiful supply, but monitors compatible with them aren't.

You see, you need a monitor that operates at a frequency of 120Hz to make these 3D Vision specs work and there seems to be no other reason to have such a monitor because there are hardly any out there. Just one, in fact: the Samsung SyncMaster 2233RZ  and that has to be bought from other distributors, such as Micro P.

We spoke to Chris Roberts, who manages the NVIDIA channel for VIP and he expressed his frustration that the strong demand he sees for the specs is being constrained by supply of monitors. It seems that many etailers have had stock but have already sold out, are only selling the specs bundled with the monitors for a total price of around £400.

"It's so marketable and there aren't many £400 RRP products out there," said Roberts. "SCAN's had stock and completely sold out."

He mentioned that Viewsonic also has a 120Hz monitor - the FuHzion VX2265wm - but that it doesn't have European CE certification yet. Roberts also said some DLP projector operate at 120Hz, but conceded this won't be a solution for a lot of people.


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My 120hz CRT still works…
My 120hz CRT still works…

Yup, looks like CRTs only need to be 100Hz too: http://www.nvidia.com/object/GeForce_3D_Vision_Requirements.html
I'd buy them but my TV isn't 120hz so i can't and i don't want to spend £400 on a new monitor which is smaller.
Why does it need to be 120hz?
Something to do with the fact that the refresh rate is halfed (how the glasses work which i can't explain) so you end up with 60Hz.

My thing it though i watch a blu ray in 24fps which is 24hz and i'm fine with it so why i can't play a game in 30hz i'm not sure.