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Enta snaps up Gainward

by Scott Bicheno on 8 October 2008, 18:35

Tags: Enta Group, Gainward

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Enta’s gain

Having decided to end its NVIDIA exclusivity and offer ATI cards too after the launch of the Radeon HD 4000 series, AIB Gainward has expressed a desire to grow its business in the UK.

As part of that plan it has given Enta Tech sole distribution rights for both its flavours of graphics cards in the UK. It believes it still has a strong brand in the channel and wants to do more with it.

"Gainward have ambitious plans to grow their brand and business in the UK," said Gainward sales director John Woodward. "Gainward are renowned for performance to enthusiast overclocked graphics and for the quality of components used for manufacture of their products. 

"Gainward already have very good brand awareness with their Nvidia graphics.  Recently signing ATI has extended our product line up considerably and the scope for expanding business opportunities is further enhanced."

Jon Atherton, Group VP of EntaTech added: "With the recognition we received in being awarded Nvidia Distributor of the Year and our continued focus with graphics, we felt the opportunity to be exclusive distributor for Gainward and their relationship with both Nvidia and ATI a too good an opportunity to miss."


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Bit of a problem in the first line. "Having decided to end its NVIDIA exclusivity.."

Cheers :)