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The world’s leading premium gaming hardware manufacturer, Gigabyte joins VIP UK’s exciting VGA vendor line-up. Renowned for their pursuit in excellence and technological innovations, the addition of Gigabyte and AORUS branded graphics cards complements VIP’s existing VGA range and makes VIP UK the destination of choice for solutions from each of the UK’s leading graphic card manufacturers.

Having partnered with Gigabyte Motherboards and Notebooks for the last 10 years, the addition of VGA cards was a natural progression.  Gigabytes goal is to become the most trusted name in gaming and eSports.  With dedication to innovation as well as entry level and professional gaming, Gigabyte and AORUS are highly sought after brands in the industry.

“We are very impressed with Gigabytes product range and their exceptionally driven market strategy and growth plans” said Darren Jackson, Components Business Manager at VIP UK.  “Gigabytes Graphics cards enables us to deliver the UK’s broadest portfolio for PC enthusiasts and gamers.”         

Ian Laird, UK Sales Manager at Gigabyte commented: 

“We are incredibly excited to be partnering up with VIP Computers to sell our market leading Graphics cards to the UK channel, Gigabyte has a long lasting relationship with VIP who have been selling our Motherboard range with great success over the last 10 years. We are now very keen to mirror that success with Richard and his team on the Graphics range.

Gigabytes market leading graphics cards are available from VIP UK now.

About VIP UK

The UK’s leading independent technology distributor; from smart home, gaming and notebooks to components and monitors, VIP UK has been at the heart of the distribution channel for almost 30 years.  Our success is attributed to our flexible business approach, strong vendor relationships and dedication in helping retailers to grow their business.

VIP UK has benefitted from continued strong year-on-year growth and represents some of the biggest names in the PC Tech industry including Razer, AMD, Microsoft, Intel, ASUS, AOC, Aorus, Gigabyte, BenQ, EVGA, MSI and NVIDIA to mention only a few big brand names.  

About Gigabyte

A global leader in the PC industry, GIGABYTE offers a comprehensive product lineup that aims to “Upgrade Your Life.” With expertise encompassing consumer, business, gaming, and cloud systems, GIGABYTE uses research and innovation to consistently meet user needs. GIGABYTE is renowned for award-winning products including motherboards, graphics cards, laptops, mini PCs, and other PC components and accessories, and has revolutionized the PC industry with patented DualBIOS™ and Ultra Durable™ technologies. As an expert in PC technology, GIGABYTE is poised to extend our scope in business servers and cloud systems with hardware and software solutions that integrate AI and AloT applications to develop the ideal infrastructure for future prospects in 5G.