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Sapphire Inca mining rig primed for cryptocurrencies


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Company-built machine takes the hassle out of building an Ethereum farm.

Ever wanted to dabble in cryptocurrency mining on a reasonable scale? Such an enterprise would entail buying a custom mining board, getting the right GPUs, putting it all together such that cooling and power is not an issue, and then configuring the client for mining. Not too difficult for the seasoned PC user but somewhat daunting for the novice.

Sapphire is looking to take away all the faff factor with its Inca CS-14 mining solution comprising a fully-built system using an embedded AMD G-series CPU, seven custom graphics PCBs each housing dual Radeon RX 470 8GB GPUs specially tuned for mining (14 in total), a couple of 1,600W PSUs, a basic M.2 SSD and SO-DIMM memory.

Such an ensemble is able to achieve around 400MH/s for Ethereum mining, and it's surprisingly quiet in action, thanks to the cards being cooled by giant heatsinks. Loaded with Ubuntu, you are looking at around $4,500 for a single box. Sapphire reckons they're flying off the shelves, so why not take a look at the video and decide for yourself whether such a machine is worth it.

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Hardware that could be used to help cure cancer. sigh.

Edit: I hadn't come across CureCoin before, shame it doesn't seem to be taking off as it could make some good come out of this nonsense.

GreedCoin seems more in tune with the Human state :( https://tsukuyomi184.wixsite.com/website

Wikipedia says Folding at home is at about 135PFLOP, which I make about the performance of 22500 RX580 cards. At 185W TDP that would be just over 4MW of power, a tiny drop compared to something like Etherium.
Hey, don't look at me. But I'm worried about even folding until such time as good GPUs are available at sane prices, just in case ol' Fiji goes pop.
OK, the CS-14 is looking good to me, but where/when can I buy one?
The whole point with making money out of cryptos is getting in early.
When will Scan have them in stock?
Or does “commercial” mean they will only sell you 100 at a time and you have to buy direct from Sapphire?
Lamdatek appear to have them available on a 3 day lead time, only £5327.5 inc VAT…