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Seven tech predictions from Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan


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Razer's head honcho talks VR, indies and the prospect of a Razer smartphone.

Ahead of a keynote speech in Berlin, the Razer CEO and founder takes a moment to look to the future and share his thoughts on potential developments in the world of tech.

In a wide-ranging interview, Min-Liang Tan suggests that mainstream VR faces fundamental technical challenges that need to be resolved, rubbishes claims of an indie apocalypse, and thoughtfully considers the question on many fans' lips: will there be a Razer smartphone?

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A Razer smartphone doesn't really many sense unless Google has plans to enter the core games market.

Sure you could slap an Arm CPU into a phone along with an AMD or Nvidia GPU to give it some kick over the conventional mobile GPU's but who cares about that for smartphone games.

You need content to drive those hardware sales and for Razer it doesn't exist.