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DeepCool shows off liquid cooling and new Steam Castle chassis


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Reckons coolers are a good match for Corsair's Hydro series.

We'll find out in a month's time whether claims are true.

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I like how the presenter with which stresses the origin of the company has the thickest accent out of all the presenters so far. :P I first heard her say “this is the Wan Chen Zhi” and assumed she was giving the name of the product then she moved onto say “… and two fourty” and I thought “ohh…” but I still don't get what she said when talking about the CPU block. It sounds like she said ‘ceramic pong’?

Either way, if their other products are anything to go by, I imagine these will be well priced, competent coolers coolers. But that case… maybe not. :mrgreen:
Quite like the steampunk case, different without going over the top and into the ‘shiver inducing’ gaudy, which the asia taste of design can slip. Coolers are much of a much-ness but if they can do a better deal on the price then other companys they could do well.
I'm failing to see any “steampunk” in that case, the case layout looks very good and I'm not too adversed to the overall look of it, esp if it was in a rubberised black, that shiney plastic and chrome effect is a bit yucky.

She said the radiators are all aluminium, sounds like they are just lots of the cheapest bits of older corsair all-in-one coolers
The aluminium rads of the H75 and H105, the flexy hoses of the original H50 and the block&pump of the newer H50
That accent was too bad for me to continue watching past the first minute. I'll wait until the products are reviewed rather.
I really shouldn't like that case…but I do.