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Scan Performance Event - Overclocking Masterclass - Part 5


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The BenchTec UK guys carry on with their overclocking session, this time comparing an overclocked AMD chip on LN2 to an air-overclocked I7... guess who won?

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Some one “mucked up” at 9 min LOL
Some one “mucked up” at 9 min LOL

locked up ;)
Will you be showing the other masterclasses that they said they were showing later on?

The one where they put liquid Nitrogen on 2 gtx295's
What a great series of videos - I must admit when I saw advertising this I thought that it would be a bunch of 13 year olds waving their world of warcraft dedicated willies in the wind. Had I known that this was going to be the structure, I very probably would have nipped down. This gives me 2 feelings.

1 - gutted that I missed attending it.
2 - relieved that I didn't go, because had I gone I'd be £500 lighter and have a core i7 system I'd be screwing around with instead.

Top marks to Hexus for this series of videos - these are very well produced (even though a couple more shots of the screens would have been nice, rather than just having the one camera angle)

Top marks to benchtec for producing a really coherant and thorough video.

Now if I can suggest that you get these guys back in and get them to produce a video showing HOW to overclock and what each faeure does in the bios, I think you may have a commercially viable product!

Hexus - you are now todays Tomshardware of yesterday. Well done! I look forward to seeing the rest of the series.:rockon2:
It's a shame Hexus wasn't there with the later OC sessions. I was only able to record the odd bits and put them on the tube :) Sacha/Paul is now 4th in the world in the Overclocking League :)