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Scan Performance Event - Overclocking Masterclass - Part 1


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Paul Watkinson and Steve Anderson from BenchTec UK open up the first of their Overclocking Masterclass sessions with a rundown of the basics.

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How long until part 2 is up?
Friday morning. :)

Did you enjoy that one?
I'm really looking forward to watching these. As someone who is about to embark on their very first overclocked build any and all information is fascinating to me. The quality of the video's sound is a bit hit and miss in places, and it would be handy if we had the slideshow that the presenter is showing the audience, but over all, very well done.

One thing I would like to know though… how much did Akasa pay you to promote that heatsink and fan ? LOL!
Have a look at the SCAN Performance Event walkaround show and you'll see that the filming conditions weren't ideal as we had to let the crowd have access to see what the guys were doing, but I'm glad you're liking the shows.

And no, Akasa haven't paid us anything… we were just filming the BenchTec UK guys so anything in the video is their opinion, not ours. :)
Can't fault the Akasa Nero :) Shame Hexus didn't record some of the later overclocking sessions. I uploaded a the 12 or so videos I took on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=A0D1FB43B8552DD3 There is some information there :)

BenchTec are a great bunch of (mad) people, proud to be a member!