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Sapphire's Bill Donnelly drops in to show off the new Sapphire Vapor-X cooled Radeon HD 4870 and 4850 cards.

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Is there a 4870 X2 on the way as well ?
On the packageing, it would be nice to see “recycled” not “recyclable” egg box style card.
If you check many of the plastic package currently used you'll find it's “recyclable” granted it far eaiser to fine places that will take card for recycling than plastics and specific types of plastic.
But go the extra distance and use recycled card.

The coolers on thoes card look very nice :) the larger fans should allow for lower noise.
Please when we do get a hexus review take the time to remove the coolers and there covers so we can get a good look at the innards, if these are just running at stock speeds then there shouldn't be any major surprises in there performance, so thoes coolers are going to be a big issue.
Also have a look at these custom PCBs not just the layout but the thickness and rigidity compaired to a stock card PCB.
I prefer the nice looking boxes :(
shame they released it so late