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Review: SanDisk Extreme 500 (500GB)

by Tarinder Sandhu on 19 July 2017, 14:00

Tags: SanDisk (NASDAQ:SNDK)

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The Performance

Running the sequential numbers shows that it gets reasonably close to the stated 430MB/s/415MB/s read and write figures, respectively. As an aside, it took just under a minute to copy 20GB of large files from a fast SSD over to the SanDisk Extreme

The AS SSD test is harder, but the SanDisk Extreme returns the kinds of figures I'd expect from a premium offering.

There is a huge amount of choice readers looking for external storage. You can go to a standard USB stick that features massive capacity, though the usual refrain is that speed is oftentimes sacrificed for space. What makes more sense is to have an SSD housed inside a suitable enclosure, thus enabling higher throughput that's genuinely useful when capacity rises to 500GB-plus.

The SanDisk Extreme 500 is a good case in point. Sleek, unobtrusive and ready to go, it features true SSD speed in a pocketable, ruggedised form factor. Backed by a three-year limited warranty and retailing for Ā£165, or 33p per gigabyte, the 500GB model strikes a good balance between cost and storage size. Handy for those who, like me, need to keep huge amounts of data within arm's reach... in a well-built drive that is strong in both form and function.

The Good
The Bad
Good design
Hits speeds in excess of 400MB/s
Available as a 1TB model
Small and sleek
Three-year warranty as standard
USB Type-C?

SanDisk Extreme 500 (500GB) SSD


The SanDisk Extreme 500 (500GB) SSD is available to purchase from Amazon.


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Once bitten twice shy. Whereas their 240GB drives seem OK,the 480GB and 960GB one I am not so sure about. The alarm bells started ringing when my mates 480GB one failed just after a year,and mine a bit after that. That means out of three drives me and my mates had,two 480GB ones had failed and looking on some other retailers sites and forums,it does seem the 480GB one really has design fault(or a bad batch) and as people can have the drive working fine one moment and once you boot it up again it suddenly dies. My mate who still has his original 480GB working tends not to switch his system off. Even know some people on OcUK who had the 960GB one cause problems too.

Mates who have the 240GB version seem OK though.