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Review: iiyama G-Master GB2770QSU Red Eagle

by Tarinder Sandhu on 23 June 2021, 14:01

Tags: Iiyama

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Conclusion's a fine buy as an enjoyable monitor for both work and play...

iiyama bolsters its midrange gaming monitor range with the GB2770QSU monitor whose chief attributes include a QHD resolution allied to FreeSync Premium Pro support at up to 165Hz.

Focussing on features instead of superfluous gimmicks, gaming is a treat on the IPS panel that through bright, sharp colours is also rather good for everyday use.

Luminance and colour uniformity could certainly be better, but that's about it for our list of gripes.

Available right now for around £300, which we consider to be good value, it's a fine buy as an enjoyable monitor for both work and play.

The Good
The Bad
Variable refresh rate at up to 165Hz
Solid gamut
Good value
Nice and bright
Average colour accuracy
Uniformity below average

iiyama G-Master GB2770QSU-B1


The iiyama G-Master GB2770HSU-B1 monitor is available at


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The Dell S2721DGFA (S2721DGF with updated firmware apparently) can be had for £310 now, and has a rotatable base:–QHD-Gaming-Monitor-210-AVWE-20025.html?utm_source=googlebase&utm_medium=cpc
I have the GB2760QSU the 144Hz version and it ia very good to be fair.