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Review: Gigabyte P35X v5

by Parm Mann on 18 December 2015, 15:01

Tags: Gigabyte (TPE:2376), Intel (NASDAQ:INTC), NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA)

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The combination of hardware has little trouble ploughing through the latest games at a native 1080p resolution...

Been waiting for a 15.6in gaming laptop packing an Intel Skylake processor and all the usual bells and whistles? The wait could be over.

Gigabyte's P35X v5, priced at a jaw-dropping Ā£1,700, touts a quad-core chip from Intel's latest-generation stable and marries together 16GB of DDR4 memory, an ultra-fast 256GB NVMe SSD and powerful GeForce GTX 980M graphics.

This combination of hardware should have little trouble ploughing through the latest games at a native 1080p resolution, and does so in a sleek-looking package that has the power and presentation to double as a daily workhorse.

But this is a gaming laptop and that means there are caveats in tow. The keyboard isn't the best, the display would have been nicer with G-Sync, fan noise is an issue and some of the pre-loaded software needs to be uninstalled. These are trade-offs that gaming enthusiasts may be willing to accept, and if it's all-out performance you're after, few 15.6in machines offer the thrills and spills of Gigabyte's P35X v5.

The Good
The Bad
Sleek for a gaming laptop
Quad-core Intel Skylake CPU
Powerful GTX 980M graphics
Ultra-fast NVMe PCIe storage
Ample connectivity options
IPS display is good but not great
Fan noise is still a problem
Pre-loaded software is irksome

Gigabyte P35X v5


The Gigabyte P35X v5 gaming laptop is available to order from Overclockers UK.


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That a bit way over price for me
Understated minimalist look really appeals to me, high cost and fan noise do not.
Price is painful but so tempting to get one of these. Been looking out now for a while for a decent laptop.
I always love the simple, clean design of Gigabyte laptops. They are also usually reasonably priced, although this is definitely out of my range.
The optical drive baffles me, remove it and have a huge battery?