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Review: NZXT HUE RGB LED Controller

by Parm Mann on 3 August 2012, 14:45 4.0

Tags: NZXT

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There's plenty of potential for expansion, and we suspect future models will add the ability to hook-up fans and varying lengths of strip, but as it stands the HUE is straightforward and simple; it provides two metres of easily-controllable colour.


Getting the entire kit up and running takes a couple of minutes at most, and if you're partial to LEDs, the HUE is unlikely to disappoint. Our pictures show the kit running at maximum brightness, where the LEDs are strong but not overpowering.

There's enough light to nicely illuminate a chassis as large as the Graphite Series 600T, and being able to mix your own amount of red, green or blue provides a massive choice of colours. You needn't worry about power consumption, either, the LEDs are efficient and the entire HUE kit only added 2-3 Watts to our system-wide power draw.


The LEDs work well and we like the way in which NZXT has complemented the interior colour with two LEDs hidden inside the controller bay - they illuminate to match your interior tone. And, though you do have to sacrifice a 5.25in bay, the controller can be a very nice addition to a chassis.

Bottom line: It's the simplicity of NZXT's HUE that makes it attractive. Simple to install and intuitive to control, it makes light work of chassis illumination and costs only £25.

The Good

Really easy to install
Customisable LEDs
Tidy-looking controller
Multiple effects
Quick on/off toggle switch

The Bad

Takes up a 5.25in bay
LED strip size can't be adjusted

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Any word on availability?
Oh that looks really really good. The green one looks best in my opinion
Looks really good. The blue looks sweeeet!
Shame you can't have different colours.
OilShiekh - you can adjust the RGB dials to create hundreds of colours. :)

Irien - we've asked NZXT about UK availability and we'll update the review as soon as we hear back.