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Review: Corsair Obsidian Series 550D

by Parm Mann on 14 March 2012, 12:51 4.5

Tags: Corsair

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Final thoughts and rating

When optimised for near-silent operation, the Obsidian Series 550D does take a performance hit. The chassis' CPU and GPU cooling capability - at least in its out-the-box state - isn't up there with previous Corsair enclosures, but it's a sacrifice we're more than willing to accept.

While temperatures are nudged up slightly, they're still well within acceptable limits for everyday use, and noise levels drop dramatically. I've used a high-performance Graphite 600T for a good number of months, but let me put it in black and white; I'm moving to the Obsidian 550D at the nearest opportunity.

The chassis is an expensive proposition at around £110, and users who favour cooling above all else may want to look elsewhere, but if you're hoping to strike an optimum balance between performance and near-silent operation, the 550D is well worthy of consideration.

The chassis isn't perfect - the awkward-to-open front door being the main point of contention - and it isn't as good looking as, say, a Graphite 600T in white, but it's ultra-quiet in use, feels roomy throughout, has enough fan-mounts to turn into an airflow monster if needed, and above all, it's also a joy to work with.

Bottom line: The 800D is more spacious, the 600T is better looking and the 300R is considerably cheaper, but the 550D is the one we'd want to live with on a day-to-day basis.

The Good

Can be extremely quiet in use
Sleek, minimalist design
Excellent to build into
Great cable-routing system
Good soundproofing throughout
Quick-release side panels
Plenty of dust filters

The Bad

Costly at over £100
Front door is stiff to open

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Corsair Obsidian Series 550D

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Corsair Obsidian Series 550D

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Excellent!! Thanks for bringing us this review! I wish this was around when I built my system, but I'm glad Corsair have finally got around to giving us a quiet solution - looks very nice and will be top of my list when I build again :)
Make a case big enough to fit a 360mm RX and 240mm RX radiator with ease and sell it at £100 and i will take it at launch :P. I hope they make something similar to the 700/800D (size wise, needs tougher paint though).

Looks like a good attempt apart from that ugly piece of silver at the front, they should have left it as one black piece or somehow make it look less tacky…
Looks nice and well thought out case.Im in the market for silent, visually appealing case with decent air circulation and this might as well be it. Although a little pricey, as I could use one more GFX for SLI…oh them priorities :)

Nice review nontheless
I would like to replace my 300 at some point because once you start putting long graphics cards in it starts to split the case in two and so routing cables becomes a huge issue.

The 550D is a nice case overall but I can't imagine trying to get that bottom fan filter out quickly. It's too long and I assume the back of everyones' cases are near to, if not right next to a wall…

Will we be seeing more work from the hand model?
Excellent review at last. Thanks.
Pity I've just got a mint 2nd hand R3. :( This is the case that I would buy from new.
Still saved myself a fair few quid.