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Review: Corsair 5000D

by Parm Mann on 14 January 2021, 14:01

Tags: Corsair

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...better suited to enthusiasts planning elaborate builds with plenty of liquid cooling.

Corsair's 5000D is a welcome upgrade over the 4000D introduced toward the tail end of 2020. Adopting a larger footprint and priced from Ā£140, the new addition is better suited to enthusiasts planning elaborate builds with plenty of liquid cooling.

In addition to more storage bays and greater clearance for graphics, the 5000D increases the total number of fan mounts to 10, including a trio to the side that allow for an unorthodox but eye-catching arrangement of a 360mm radiator in a push-pull configuration.

Cable management is good, there's decent filtration throughout, a six-way fan hub is a welcome addition, and if the build simply has to look the part, there's an option for a vertical graphics card. A little sound-dampening wouldn't go amiss, the side-panel mechanism could be better and we'd like to see Corsair include more than just two basic 120s, but on the whole we feel as though the 5000D is a solid foundation for a sleek, modern-looking rig.

Bottom line: a frontrunner for white-themed builds in 2021, Corsair's 5000D looks the part and ticks enough boxes to be worthy of consideration.

The Good
The Bad
Looks great in white
10 fan mounts, including three to the side
Plenty of room for a couple of radiators
I/O panel includes USB-C and two USB-A
Good cable management and six-way fan hub
Decent filtration throughout
Bundled fans are basic 120s
Side panel mechanism could be better
Does little to suppress noise

Corsair 5000D


The Corsair 5000D chassis will be available to purchase from Scan Computers.


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An actual possible replacement for my 750D airflow at last, you have my interest again Corsair! I am playing with ideas for an upgrade in spring so I will be keeping an eye on that!
That looks like the PSU will be very tight up against the HDD cages.
Not an issue for some, who would just remove them, but for many an HDD is still the only affordable high-volume storage option…
Seems really versatile but what an ugly case and color scheme…
Yeah don't think I'd personally buy another Corsair case
Yeah don't think I'd personally buy another Corsair case

Why not? My last two builds have both used a Corsair case and I found the build quality to be generally pretty good. The only criticism I have for my Obsidian 500D is the lack of PSU tray (which is really quite annoying when trying to connect PSU cables Corsair!), seems like this new case also suffers the very same issue, it would make mounting / building a system much smoother from my experience with my old Lian Li case.