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Cyberpower PC launches FANG Battlebox suitcase-PC

by Mark Tyson on 10 June 2014, 11:43

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Coinciding with the E3 expo, Cyberpower Inc has launched its FANG Battlebox PC. This is meant to be a powerful system you can lug around easily between LAN parties with all the essential elements of a high performance gaming rig fitted in a suitcase-like chassis.

Despite its compact and portable nature the FANG Battlebox "has the headroom to accommodate high-end hardware like quad-core CPUs, dual-loop liquid cooling, and full-length graphics cards such as the AMD RadeonTM R9 295X2 and NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN Z GPU," Cyberpower told HEXUS in an email.

The FANG Battlebox doesn't need specialised components in order to build, making the customisation options available very wide. Cyberpower is currently offering six configurations of this machine so you can buy one off-the-peg but each of them is further customisable to suit. The cheapest model is based upon the Intel Core i3-4150 Processor with integrated graphics – but of course you can use the full sized graphics card slot to bring your own favourite GPU to the party. All the systems use either Gigabyte or MSI Mini-ITX motherboards.

To give you an idea about how much and how powerful a system you can build, the top end off-the-peg config has an Intel Core i7-4770K CPU, 8GB RAM, an Nvidia GTX 780 with 3GB, a 2TB SATA3 7200 RPM HDD and a 128GB SSD boot drive among its components. Components such as hard drives are easily swapped out thanks to EZ Swap; Cyberpower explains that you can change this PC from a business-use machine to gaming, for instance by utilising the 'effortless' dual EZ Swap bays.

The systems come with Windows 8.1 installed, Wireless AC, Bluetooth and easy access USB 3.0 ports as standard as well as a three year warranty.

Cyberpower has also considered cooling in the confined space of its FANG Battlebox. It uses compartmentalised cooling which "helps to isolate and remove heat from various components efficiently and without obstruction". The chassis is able to fit both liquid cooled graphics cards and processors.

Finally, considering its portability, Cyberpower do warn that the machine could "raise a few eyebrows," when carried onto an airliner, for example. Unfortunately there is no indication of the weight of any of the pre-built systems.

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Kinda cool idea, but I'd just want to curl up and die if I bumped into someone I knew whilst carrying it down the street.
If you open the case and find a Monitor with or without keyboard, this would become the first portable PC which is much faster and better than a Laptop.
like but dont want or need one.
if they sold the case itself, i would buy it
It would be much nicer if it wasn't so obviously a “Gaming Computer.” I know there are many people who might like this look, but I'd much prefer an enclosure of similar size that doesn't announce to the world that you're carrying a high-powered computer in it. I'm thinking all black, with a cover for the Rear I/O area, and vents in discrete spots, like the bottom of the case, for example.

Has anyone heard of a DIY solution to this? It would be an interesting project to put a computer into an actual briefcase.